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Thing That People Born After The Millennium Will Never Understand

From having to physically flick through the pages of a dictionary to find out the meaning of a word to having to travel to your local Blockbuster to rent a film, there’s some things that children born after the year 2000 just can’t fathom doing and Diply has perfectly captured that with its round up of hilarious scenarios that anyone born after the Millennium will struggle to understand.

The images – which capture an attempt to cram a discman into a pocket and the strains of life in the days before iPhones and Netflix – will leave anyone born pre-2000 feeling nostalgic – and anyone born later a little baffled.

Forget flicking through thousands of songs in an instant on Spotify or iTunes, if you wanted to listen to a song back in the day, you’d have to take the time to laboriously flick through CDs

Trying to figure out how the milk vanished from the Disappearing Magic Milk Juice Baby Doll Bottle Toy was one of life’s greatest mysteries for anyone born before the year 2000

Today’s children might be more content with a game of Pokemon Go but for anyone born back in the day, a simple game of MASH – the paper-and-pencil game intended to predict one’s future – sufficed

If you were looking for a quick workout back in the day, simply winding down the car window was sure to burn off a few calories and tone your arms up in the process

Who needed Candy Crush when you could spend hours playing Snake on your super high-tech Nokia 3210?

Coding may be the height of cool today but in the early 2000s, it was all about learning to compose your own ringtones

Virtual reality headsets may soon be taking over offices and schools but the only way to learn in the classrooms back in the day was via an overheard projector – and being put in charge of it was the ultimate credit

Fancy a simple game of Solitaire? Half the task involved actually finding the tab to play it

Kids today may be more accustomed to arguing with their parents but back in the day, this little guy was the source of daily squabbles

Children born after the year 2000 will fail to recognise Jeeves – but for anyone born before the Millennium, this man solved many a quandary

As this hilarious picture attests, children today will never know the hassle of life before Android phones

Today’s mobile phones might be much more functional but they’ll never rival the battery life of a trusty Nokia phone

One of the laugh-out-loud images shows the strains of having to use a pencil to untangle a tape if you wanted to listen to your favourite song

One of life’s biggest disappointments in the early 2000s was discovering your favourite CD album was covered in scratches

This nostalgic photo shows how sugar content isn’t the only thing that cereal brands have reduced since the early 2000s

Forget Whatsapp, if you wanted to catch up with your pals, you’d need to spend hours sat at your computer messaging – and coming up with a witty username – on MSN messenger

Navigating your way around the country required some serious geographic skills before Sat Navs and Google maps was around

For many, this image of someone attempting to fix a VHS will be a memory they’d rather leave in the past

If you wanted someone to come over for Netflix and chill in 2000, it would require one of these cards and a trip to your local store.