Researchers conclude thirst killed off mammoths in Alaska

According to researchers, rising sea levels proved to be fatal for mammoths in Alaska who were cut off from fresh water supplies. It turns out that as sea levels rose and the island shrank, mammoths [...]

Scientists have created a BACTERIUM that inhales CO2 producing Energy

It's a bionic leaf that could revolutionize everything we thought we knew about clean energy.  Harvard scientists open the door to an energetic revolution that has allowed them to test successfully a system that converts [...]

Gullies on the Surface of Mars may not have been formed by liquid water

Scientists have used data obtained by NASA to divide these formations from other structures which have been formed by the flow of liquid water on Mars. A new NASA research may have found evidence that [...]

Chinese Lunar probe confirms: There is no water on the Moon

The Chinese space probe Chang'e 3 has confirmed there are no traces of water on the Moon. The Chinese Space Program analyzed the results obtained by the Chang'e 3 lunar probe – named after the [...]

This is what an Aurora Borealis looks like from Space

The breathtaking images of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon have been posted on a Twitter account belonging to one of NASA's astronauts. NASA astronaut Jeffrey Willaims shared a set of breathtaking images on his Twitter account [...]

NASA finds Mars had a ‘human’ breathable atmosphere

It seems that Mars is turning out to have been a nearly identical planet to Earth in its distant history. There is liquid water on Mars; the planet had vast oceans in the past, and [...]