NASA reveals Radical ‘proton power’ system that could revolutionize space travel

NASA has recently revealed details about the radical ‘proton power system’ that could catapult spacecraft to the edge of the universe in around ten years, revolutionizing everything we knew about space travel and space exploration. [...]

Researchers detect 2 NEW Frozen worlds beyond the orbit of Neptune

According to astronomers, these new alien worlds have some of the highest perihelia of objects known in our solar system, even though they are not especially distant, and are unlike similar high-perihelion objects like Sedna. [...]

Have Researchers found a new lifeform? Strange glowing purple orb has scientists stumped

“…This unidentified purple orb stumped our scientists onboard. After sampling, it began to unfold to reveal two distinct lobes…”  Scientists are being honest at the moment saying that they cannot say for certain what the [...]

Forget what you’ve heard about Jupiter: The Gas Giant DOES NOT orbit the Sun

Here’s a crazy space fact most of us were totally unaware of… The Gas Giant DOES NOT orbit the Sun. But don’t worry, Jupiter will stay inside our solar system’s family. Astronomers from [...]

The Big Bang never existed? Researchers propose the Big Bounce theory

According to researchers, a new theory called the Big Bounce indicates that the Big Bang never occurred and that our universe actually sprang into life. As researchers explain it, the universe we live in today [...]

Meet LUCA – The ancestor of ALL living Beings

Researchers have found that the ancestor of ALL living BEINGS on Earth was a single-cell, bacterium-like organism that is estimated to have lived some 4 BILLION years ago when our planet was in its infancy, [...]