Researchers have just discovered a Planet without a star in deep space

According to researchers, a mysterious new planet has been found ‘floating’ freely in space. Its estimated mass is believed to be five to 10 times that of Jupiter. However, there are numerous mysteries surrounding its [...]

Black Holes could be doorways to other parts of the Universe

Researchers claim that ‘Black Hole’s could in fact be ‘back doors’ to other parts of the universe. We know very little about black holes. The theory states that deep within black holes there is a [...]

For the first time ever, a private company is authorized EXPLOIT the Moon

The US has given a green light for the first private mission that will exploit the natural resources of the moon. According to the FAA: “…payload does not put into jeopardy “public health and safety, [...]

Artist re-creates fascinating images of the surface of Planets & Moons

Have you ever wondered what the view might be from the surface of Pluto? Or what about Jupiter? Imagine being able to travel to Jupiter and observe that fascinating scenery the gas giant offers. Just [...]

Researchers find the LARGEST-EVER Dinosaur FOOTPRINT on Earth

Researchers have confirmed the discovery of an 115-centimeter-long Dinosaur Footprint in Bolivia, which makes it the largest ever found to date. Imagine that those flesh-eating dinosaurs were still alive today, it would mean that not [...]

Alien Life beneath Martian Surface? 2018 NASA mission to find out

NASA will soon launch a radical mission to answer one of the most asked-for questions when talking about the red planet: Is there Life beneath the Martian surface?   Planetary scientists are stepping up their [...]