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NASA Study Reveals Our Solar System Is Surrounded By a Massive Spherical “Shield”

Data from NASA’s Cassini, Voyager and IBEX missions suggest that the solar system is surrounded by a MASSIVE, SPHERICAL shaped magnetic field. In the past, experts thought that the heliosphere was in fact a comet-shaped structure, with a rounded head and an extended tail. But new data covering an entire 11-year cycle of solar activity shows that this may not be the case.

According to scientists, our Sun releases a constant flux of magnetic solar material—called solar wind—that fills the inner solar system, and extends beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Shown in a Hubble Space Telescope image, the “astrosphere” around the star L.L. Orionis approximates the heliosphere around our solar system. IMAGE COURTESY ESA/NASA

This wind creates something that can be explained as a bubble, some 37 million kilometers wide, called the heliosphere. Our entire solar system, including the H, moves through interstellar space. Just as Earth orbits the Sun, our Sun orbits the galactic center –which from our vantage point is located around 25,00 light years— in an elliptic orbit. It completes a revolution every 225 million years approximately—called a Galactic year.

Anyway, getting back on track, this new discovery calls into question the alternate view of the solar magnetic fields trailing behind the sun in the shape of a long comet tail—almost like a kite.