Futuristic UFO Home lets you live off-grid on the ocean

This amazing futuristic UFO Home lets you live off-grid on the ocean.The UFO (Unidentified FLOATING object) was designed by Italian mini yacht-maker Jet Capsule, and it promises to revolutionize forever the concept of a self-sustaining floating habitat.

Have you ever wanted to pack your stuff and live off the grid? Imagine living on the ocean and traveling around the planet in your very own fully sustainable floating UFO home. Super yachts are not needed anymore since this little UFO pod might be the futuristic habitat all of us have been waiting for.

These fascinating tiny UFO-like pods are the solution for traffic jams and accelerated hectic lifestyles.

The UFO (Unidentified FLOATING object) was designed by Italian mini yacht-maker Jet Capsule, and it promises to revolutionize forever the concept of a self-sustaining floating pod. Current UFO concepts allow the capsule to travel at a speed of around 6 kilometers per hour.

The waterjet-propelled electric motor is powered by an area of 40 square meters of solar panels which are placed at the top of the UFOs roof.

According to its designers, the UFO home also has wind and water turbines which can produce electricity to power a number of devices while you travel around the planet. Thanks to the different electricity production elements electricity will be provided even on cloudy days where there isn’t enough sunlight to charge the solar panels.

But what makes this futuristic self-sustaining UFO even cooler is the fact that it can even include a vegetable garden placed in the area surrounding the structures ring.

Drinking water is also included in the concept. According to the designers, water supply in the UFO is based on solar-powered desalination and rainwater purification systems.

However, the most amazing part of the UFO is on the lower level where you can find the bathroom and bedroom. Located below the water, the submerged viewing windows offer a relaxing area where people can chill out and enjoy the beauties of a breathtaking view of the ocean seafloor.

For those of you who are worried about the pods ability to stay afloat, its designers at Jet Capsule say that the UFO is unsinkable thanks to an elastic anchor system that will make sure even the roughest of storms can’t harm your little off grid home.

“The main structure of the floating object can be aligned with the compass, keeping the position angle oriented on the desired cardinal direction, even in rough sea conditions,” they write on their site.

The interior design of the UFO is as impressive as its outer surface. The mini house has two levels that are formed by two half-spherical shells composed of fiberglass. Users can configure their floors however they want.

“The interior consist of a transformable kitchen and dining/living area on a 20-sq. M (215-sq. ft.) top level, with stairs leading down to a 10-sq. M (107-sq. ft.) submerged lower level with bathroom and bedroom,” the designers write on their website.

Currently, Jet Capsule is looking for funds to create their first prototype which is estimated to cost a staggering $800,000. However, Jet Capsule claims that the commercially available UFO home would cost around $200,000 for the two-story construction.

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