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Colossal Drawing Of A Penis That Can Be Seen From Space Proves Humanity Will Never Change

It’s hard not to wonder what it’d be like if advanced aliens are tuning in to our planet right now, downloading the latest news and gossip in an attempt to understand just where our civilization is at. Hopefully they gloss over a few details, like the movie Geostorm, the current federal government, or the colossal penis currently splashed across part of Australia.

Per the Geelong Advertiser, it appears that a rather sizeable phallic drawing has appeared in the dry lake bed in Bellarine, a rural part of the state of Victoria. Easily, the best part of the original article is the following passage:

“Popular Facebook group Take the Piss Geelong shared images of the crass crop circle creation on Monday night, but it is understood locals have been aware of it for months.”

It’s so large, in fact, that it’s been spotted on Google Maps, where it is labeled the “Aussie Weiner”. You can see plenty from space, to be fair. Our satellites – and even hand-held photography equipment aboard the International Space Station – are so good these days you can zoom in on the tiniest of details.

Then again, aliens might look at all these monstrous dickish depictions and conclude that we haven’t got very far in the last few thousand years.