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Gullies on the Surface of Mars may not have been formed by liquid water

Scientists have used data obtained by NASA to divide these formations from other structures which have been formed by the flow of liquid water on Mars. A new NASA research may have found evidence that the peculiar marks found on the surface of the red planet have not have been formed by the passage of [...]

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Chinese Lunar probe confirms: There is no water on the Moon

The Chinese space probe Chang'e 3 has confirmed there are no traces of water on the Moon. The Chinese Space Program analyzed the results obtained by the Chang'e 3 lunar probe – named after the goddess of the moon in Chinese mythology— which touched down on the lunar surface in 2013 in order to determine [...]

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NASA finds Mars had a ‘human’ breathable atmosphere

It seems that Mars is turning out to have been a nearly identical planet to Earth in its distant history. There is liquid water on Mars; the planet had vast oceans in the past, and now we know the red planet had abundant oxygen in the distant past. A new finding by NASA's Curiosity has [...]

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Russia to Conquer the moon: Russia to build permanent lunar outpost by 2030

Russia has big plans for the moon as the Nation wants to send 12 cosmonauts to the surface of the moon before creating a permanent lunar outpost by 2030. The Lunar Race is on.   It seems that the space race –or better said, lunar race-- is on. Russia has big plans for the moon [...]

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Researchers detect 2 NEW Frozen worlds beyond the orbit of Neptune

According to astronomers, these new alien worlds have some of the highest perihelia of objects known in our solar system, even though they are not especially distant, and are unlike similar high-perihelion objects like Sedna. Researchers are unsure as to how these objects achieved such 'unusual' orbits. Many people believe that similar discoveries will help [...]

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Elon Musk: We MUST leave our Planet for ONE imperative reason

According to Elon Musk, in order to ensure the existence of the human species we need to leave our planet as soon as possible. This is why Musk wants to send a MILLION people to the surface of the 'red planet' in order to create a 'thriving' colony on Mars. Elon Musk, the visionary behind [...]

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