Space and Space Exploration are quickly turning into a global business with numerous privately owned companies looking to take advantage of it. From space exploration, Mars, our planet and everything in between, enjoy our Space section.

Curiosity Delivers New Evidence That Life Could Have Thrived on Mars

IN BRIEF NASA's Curiosity rover has discovered boron on Mars, marking the first time that this element has been found on the Red Planet. Evidence of chemical complexity suggests that Mars had a long, interactive history with water, improving the chances that life existed on the planet for a lengthy period of time. GALE CRATER [...]

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Becoming Martian: This Is Our Future on the Red Planet

IN BRIEF Several government and private groups have the Red Planet in their sights, with numerous missions planned to explore and eventually put people on Mars in the coming decades. With concerns about the future habitability of Earth in the face of climate change looming, the survival of our species could hinge upon these missions. [...]

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China Announces New Ambitious Plans to Reach Mars By the End of the Decade

IN BRIEF Wu Yanhua, deputy chief of the National Space Administration, said Beijing aims to launch its first Mars probe around 2020. The ultimate goal is to establish China as frontrunner in the field of space exploration by 2030, the same year NASA hopes to reach the Red Planet. THE MODERN-DAY SPACE RACE Image Credit: CNNThe [...]

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ESA’s Plan for a “Moon Village” is Slowly Starting to Come Together

IN BRIEF Slowly but surely, ESA's plan for an international, collaborative lunar settlement is beginning to take shape. It's a more realistic goal than plans to colonize Mars, and if successful, the "Moon Village" would act as a kind of "backup" plan for the human species. THE RACE TO SPACE Last year, the European Space [...]

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New research revelas evidence of huge oceans on Pluto

Its certain: Pluto isn’t a lonely, barren, ice wasteland scientists thought it was. In fact, there is evidence of a vast subsurface ocean which in turn raises the possibility of the existence of basic microbial life in the Kuiper Belt and beyond.  Thanks to a new model, researchers have revealed that the lack of cracks on [...]

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Researchers have just discovered a Planet without a star in deep space

According to researchers, a mysterious new planet has been found ‘floating’ freely in space. Its estimated mass is believed to be five to 10 times that of Jupiter. However, there are numerous mysteries surrounding its true identity. According to reports from NASA, these planets were most likely ‘ejected’ from solar systems in the past. Researchers [...]

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For the first time ever, a private company is authorized EXPLOIT the Moon

The US has given a green light for the first private mission that will exploit the natural resources of the moon. According to the FAA: “…payload does not put into jeopardy “public health and safety, safety of property, national security or foreign policy interests, or international obligations of the United States…” Moon Express is the [...]

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Alien Life beneath Martian Surface? 2018 NASA mission to find out

NASA will soon launch a radical mission to answer one of the most asked-for questions when talking about the red planet: Is there Life beneath the Martian surface?   Planetary scientists are stepping up their game in search for alien life and are turning towards robotic explorers to unlock the secrets of the interior of [...]

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Researchers detect 2 NEW Frozen worlds beyond the orbit of Neptune

According to astronomers, these new alien worlds have some of the highest perihelia of objects known in our solar system, even though they are not especially distant, and are unlike similar high-perihelion objects like Sedna. Researchers are unsure as to how these objects achieved such ‘unusual’ orbits. Many people believe that similar discoveries will help [...]

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Forget what you’ve heard about Jupiter: The Gas Giant DOES NOT orbit the Sun

Here’s a crazy space fact most of us were totally unaware of… The Gas Giant DOES NOT orbit the Sun. But don’t worry, Jupiter will stay inside our solar system’s family. Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have discovered that Jupiter, the solar system largest planet does not orbit around the sun. [...]

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