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National Geographic Presents a 360 Tour of What Life on Mars Could Look Like

IN BRIEF National Geographic hosted a 360 degree tour of a test habitat where crew members of the Mars Society are simulating a Martian mission. This mission is part of the larger Mars 160 mission designed to simulate the conditions and constraints of an actual mission to the Red Planet. Facebook users got a sneak [...]

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Researchers find the LARGEST-EVER Dinosaur FOOTPRINT on Earth

Researchers have confirmed the discovery of an 115-centimeter-long Dinosaur Footprint in Bolivia, which makes it the largest ever found to date. Imagine that those flesh-eating dinosaurs were still alive today, it would mean that not only would we need to be worried about their extremely sharp teeth, but their large bodies as well. Researchers have [...]

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NASA reveals Radical ‘proton power’ system that could revolutionize space travel

NASA has recently revealed details about the radical ‘proton power system’ that could catapult spacecraft to the edge of the universe in around ten years, revolutionizing everything we knew about space travel and space exploration.   NASA engineers have recently leaked new details of a radical spacecraft propulsion system that cut drastically reduce the traveling time of [...]

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Have Researchers found a new lifeform? Strange glowing purple orb has scientists stumped

“…This unidentified purple orb stumped our scientists onboard. After sampling, it began to unfold to reveal two distinct lobes…”  Scientists are being honest at the moment saying that they cannot say for certain what the strange ‘creature’ might be, and it could take a couple of years to get to the bottom of the mysterious glowing [...]

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Researchers conclude thirst killed off mammoths in Alaska

According to researchers, rising sea levels proved to be fatal for mammoths in Alaska who were cut off from fresh water supplies. It turns out that as sea levels rose and the island shrank, mammoths were concentrated in a tiny area of land with limited access to fresh water. The new study managed to come [...]

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Scientists have created a BACTERIUM that inhales CO2 producing Energy

It's a bionic leaf that could revolutionize everything we thought we knew about clean energy.  Harvard scientists open the door to an energetic revolution that has allowed them to test successfully a system that converts sunlight into liquid fuel. In other words, the chemist who gave us the artificial leaf a couple of years ago [...]

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This is what an Aurora Borealis looks like from Space

The breathtaking images of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon have been posted on a Twitter account belonging to one of NASA's astronauts. NASA astronaut Jeffrey Willaims shared a set of breathtaking images on his Twitter account from space. Actually, he posted da video of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon as it is seen from space, a unique view [...]

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Futuristic UFO Home lets you live off-grid on the ocean

This amazing futuristic UFO Home lets you live off-grid on the ocean.The UFO (Unidentified FLOATING object) was designed by Italian mini yacht-maker Jet Capsule, and it promises to revolutionize forever the concept of a self-sustaining floating habitat. Have you ever wanted to pack your stuff and live off the grid? Imagine living on the ocean [...]

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Researchers find water clouds just 7.2 light years from Earth

According to astronomers, it is one of the most unusual astronomical discoveries EVER. First sighted in 2014, WISE 0855 is a brown dwarf and is the coldest known object astronomers have spotted sitting just outside our solar system. The object is barely visible at infrared wavelengths using the largest ground-based telescopes on our planet. Even [...]

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