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Black Holes could be doorways to other parts of the Universe

Researchers claim that ‘Black Hole’s could in fact be ‘back doors’ to other parts of the universe. We know very little about black holes. The theory states that deep within black holes there is a region referred to as the ‘gravitational singularity center There, space-time curves towards infinity, and scientists indicate that NO matter passing [...]

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Artist re-creates fascinating images of the surface of Planets & Moons

Have you ever wondered what the view might be from the surface of Pluto? Or what about Jupiter? Imagine being able to travel to Jupiter and observe that fascinating scenery the gas giant offers. Just imagine watching the sunrise or set on Mars, or observing the outer edge of our star system while walking around [...]

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The Big Bang never existed? Researchers propose the Big Bounce theory

According to researchers, a new theory called the Big Bounce indicates that the Big Bang never occurred and that our universe actually sprang into life. As researchers explain it, the universe we live in today may have sprung to life thanks to the contraction of an ANCIENT universe that predates the one we live in [...]

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Meet LUCA – The ancestor of ALL living Beings

Researchers have found that the ancestor of ALL living BEINGS on Earth was a single-cell, bacterium-like organism that is estimated to have lived some 4 BILLION years ago when our planet was in its infancy, with an age of around 560 million years. The discovery sharpens the debate between scientists who on one hand believed [...]

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Researchers spot a White Dwarf that blasts companion star with mystery ray

According to researchers, the observed properties of AR Sco –in the constellation of Scorpius— are both mysterious and unique. Astronomers say it is a completely new type of exotic binary star which blasts its neighboring star with HIGH ENERGY ELECTRONS. Researchers have known about the star system AR Scorpio for a long time. However, scientists [...]

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