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Astronomers Discovered Mysterious Radio Burst Originated Surprisingly Close To Earth

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are violent flashes of radio waves spread through space, packing a punch with as much energy as the Sun produces over the course of nearly a century, despite lasting mere milliseconds. They were first discovered just over a decade ago, but scientists still have very little idea about what causes them.

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However, it’s believed that thousands and thousands of FRBs reach Earth every single day. Just like any phenomenon that is not widely understood in space, many people believe that FRBs are messages from extraterrestrials or beacons from an interstellar alien spaceship. It’s certainly not impossible, however, there’s not much to support that, other than wishful thinking.

One possible explanation is that they are the “bangs” of a collision between very dense objects, such as merging black holes or neutron stars. Alternatively, they might have sprung from an especially energetic supernova. Nevertheless, if scientists can work out more precisely where these FRBs originated, the hope is that they could discover what’s causing them.

[H/T: New Scientist]